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Great review for new album "Out Of The Red"

The latest edition of Trad & Now magazine have written a great review for the Red's latest album....well done lads 

New Album " Out Of The Red" just released !!

Our new album OUT OF THE RED-- a 15 track compilation of songs from each of our solo and side projects -- is now available from the Red Music store on our web site, or digitally via itunes. The set includes one new previously unreleased track "Amsterdam", written and sung by our bass player John Barr (JB), now released as the single from the album. You can download it for free here....and check out the live video of the song

Blog printed in TRAD & NOW May 2015

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" Rough Red have an in-your-face approach to music-making, with the emphasis on putting on a good show.... the album also reiterates their capacity to write modern songs that draw on the folk tradition."

--- Tony Hillier, review of "Live in Europe" RHYTHMS magazine



"From playing in front of 20,000 screaming Germans in Nuremberg Square to scoring a top 5 hit on the country music charts, Rough Red have been there, done that. And they've just added a live album and DVD to their incredibly lengthy list of achievements."

--- review of "Live in Europe" TIME OFF, Brisbane



"Brisbane folk-rockers Rough Red don't easily fit into a category but have always found an audience in Europe, and this CD with bonus video recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival is evidence."

--- Noel Mengel, review of "Live in Europe" COURIER MAIL, Brisbane



"Exuding larrikin tradition, they have a healthy disregard for political correctness and a flair for social commentary. Extensive touring in Europe has also given them insights beyond Australia's shores. As their name suggests, Rough Red have a knockabout, robust approach to music-making, but they are also capable of considerable sensitivity."

--Tony Hillier, review of UNCORKED in Rhythms magazine.



"If your Friday night turned out like this --- five Australian blokes from the band Rough Red playing unplugged Folk/Country/Blues & Rock with that special something -- then your day was perfect! The rhythms went straight into the blood and the atmosphere was superb."

-- Review in Palette web site of gig in Kappeln, Germany



"After American stars like Dave Dudley, Wanda Jackson, or Charley McCoy, the Australian band Rough Red was headlining the programme this time. There were songs to reward the close listener, and later, they had the party going. Overall a varied show, and I can't wait for them to come back"

-- Review in country magazine NO FENCES of concert in Kassel, Germany



"It's refreshing when an unconventional band like Rough Red come along, this five-piece band are not afraid to defy current musical trends and remain confident in their own unique style."

--TNT (London) 



"The group's nonconformist style sets them apart from many other Australian bands on the international music scene."

-- TNT (London)



"Rough Red have demonstrated around the world that quality music doesn't always come in a conventional package."

--TNT (London)



"set to leave their Dublin audience reeling and about as entertaining a line up as Crowded House meets Shane MacGowan."

-- Irish pres



"Full bodied, warm, a little rough around the edges and guaranteed to ensure a good time ... exudes an energy and sheer wealth of talent that makes it impossible to ignore."

-- Sydney Sun Herald



"John Fegan sings with a richness so pure and true to the genre that a listener’s mind may drift to the days of the folk-filled 1960s"

--Melbourne Herald



"If the Pogues met Weddings, Parties Anything in the strange netherworld of musical description, there would probably be either a massive piss-up or an all-in brawl. Or, the Brisbane band Rough Red would emerge solid, celtic, and dagnabbit funky with an emerald heart and a brawny Aussie exterior."

--Drum Media (Sydney)



"Solid Aussie folk roots but with a rock overlay and a contemporary sound ... the sound is fresh and innovative. This band is making today's folk music, documenting our society and providing a social commentary, albeit in a highly entertaining way."

-- Capital News (Tamworth)



"We haven't heard much from Australian bands in the past few years but now all that has changed with some brilliant performances in Ireland from the down-under outfit Rough Red."

-- Hot Press Ireland



"Rough Red goes down smooth and leaves a spicy taste that lingers through the album's lyrics, long after the CD is back in its case."

-- Brisbane News



"One of the most exciting we have seen in recent years. The Rough Red sound is truly unique and their live performances in Denmark were stunning"

-- Peer Logsted Andersen (Programme Director) The Skagen International Music Festival (Denmark)



"Rough Red are unlike any act we've ever seen in Ireland before. They have combined Celtic and R&B influences into their own brand of music, it's not folk, it's rock and roll. It was great to hear something new and their performance here was the highlight of this years Festival. We hope they come back next year "

-- Tom Stapleton (Festival Director) The International Folk and Blues Festival (Roscrea, Ireland)




"Despite his larrikin Australian accent, John's singing voice cuts a swath through the air as rich as any Irish gypsy's laugh."

-- Brisbane News



"A slicker, more country-rock based sound that pays homage to their Australian roots and the tradition of the larrikin. This is a mature, cohesive work demonstrating that while they can still poke fun at themselves, they are capable of making insightful social comments and writing with tenderness about human emotions." 

-- Review of "Seeing Red" The Scene (Brisbane)



"The album has enough variety and entertainment to deservedly be called world class."

-- Review of "Better Red Than Dead" Sunshine Coast Daily Entertainer


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